The Price of Alienation

The bank and insurance company Skandia’s campaign Utanförskapets Pris” (“The Price of Alienation”) consists of 290 separate short films (one for each municipality), a Facebook app and will be supported by bought media later on.

Bank and insurance company Skandia has a 150 year long record of CSR. One of the things they are doing currently is a system to calculate the price of alienation for society in general and municipalities specifically.

Skandia uses its expertise from its insurance and banking business such as risk-calculation, long term economics and prevention, to calculate the cost of young people falling out of school, work and society. The costs include welfare, police, medical and lost taxes. Not to mention the human and emotional costs on both the individuals and society.

But, if you use preventative methods, using a small portion of the future costs, you can identify youths and get a lot of return on investments. Economic and human.

It’s called Skandiamodellen as is being used in about 30 municipalities in Sweden. We did 290 different versions of a short film, each using exact figures and examples from each municipality, and a Facebook app to follow up with infographics on costs and alternatives for the money that could have been saved.