A new line

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches has launched a new route between Bromma Airport and Arlanda. Running via Sundbyberg and Kista it enables a direct transfer for those living in Stockholms’ western suburbs. Simply straight there instead of a detour to the city centre. We took that simplicity literally. With the concept “New line” we communicate just that. A new line.

In print and outdoors the units are minimalistic and stripped both graphically and textually.

Classic craftsmanship that’s playing it straight. Literally.

Radio spot

In radio it’s over-the-top-basic.


When it was revealed that the Swedish government at a number of occasions had flown their privat jet between the two city airports Arlanda and Bromma in Stockholm simply to pick up ministers, we didn’t even stop to think.

With The Airport Coaches’ new route between Bromma Airport and Arlanda our call to Stefan Löfven and Gustav Fridolin was an open-and-shut case;
Take the bus next time.

Something both Swedish taxpayers, the environment and the Airport Coaches themselves can endorse.