Ask First

Doping and the use of steroids is quickly creeping down the ages. Even kids as young as 12 are starting to use it. And it’s not just for athletes. The rise of social media has added loads of pressure when it comes to thinking about how you look, and how many likes your latest outfit will get. And if steroids can help you get a better selfie, it might be worth it.

Together with Ren Idrott we created the campaign Ask First (Fråga Först), a content driven campaign where we created films for teachers to use in class rooms as discussion starters. Pointing fingers will help no one, but if we can get the kids talking, we can at least make them aware of the dangers that come with steroids.

The subject for each film came from questions we got when asking 12 to 14 year olds. It ranged from subjects like acne (the facial problem – not us), if your coach could tell, if you could loose hair, to if it was ok to date someone on steroids.

The kids also asked more serious questions, like if you can end up in prison if you try steroids.

For the campaign we created four characters: The Sporty girl, The Beauty queen, The Jock and The Professor (who had all the answers).

We even made the point of asking questions that seemed to be in the favour of using steroids.